Septic System Sand

Septic System Sand15 min sand

Select Materials offers a special septic system filter sand known as wicking sand or 15 minute sand.  This sand is required for all evaporation-transpiration or ET septic systems.  We sample our pit regularly to ensure that its particle size gradations match each counties regulations.  3rd party engineering testing reports and sampling can be performed for your job.  We have fast delivery of all the sand that you need for your new septic system.  Just call us today for a quick quote!

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Sand, Topsoil, Organic Compost, Stone, Rock, Equestrian Arena Footing Mix, Mulch, Cedar Mulch, ET Wicking Septic System Filter Sand, Raw Back Fill, Breeze, Crushed Fines, Washed Concrete Sand, Gravel, Amended Potting Soil, Road Base, Amended Topsoil, River Rock, Squeegee, Pea Gravel, Shale, Recycled Asphalt, Driveway Gravel, Road Chips, Leach Rock, Colored Mulch (Red, Brown, Special Dark), Rip Rap, Structural Fill, Decorative Landscape Cobble, Masonry Sand, Play Sand, Garden Soil, Custom Mine Mixes, Bark, and more delivered to your site. Call for a price quote.