Select Materials has multiple types of crushed gravel available for all your projects.  Give us a call and we can help you determine the size and color of gravel that best suits your project.  Our large selection and quantity of gravel on site help us to deliver your orders almost as quick as you can use the materials.  Call us for a quote.

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 Contractor discounts available with credit application.

Select Materials Pit Products & Wholesale Quarry Goods:
Sand, Topsoil, Organic Compost, Stone, Rock, Equestrian Arena Footing Mix, Mulch, Cedar Mulch, ET Wicking Septic System Filter Sand, Raw Back Fill, Breeze, Crushed Fines, Washed Concrete Sand, Gravel, Amended Potting Soil, Road Base, Amended Topsoil, River Rock, Squeegee, Pea Gravel, Shale, Recycled Asphalt, Driveway Gravel, Road Chips, Leach Rock, Colored Mulch (Red, Brown, Special Dark), Rip Rap, Structural Fill, Decorative Landscape Cobble, Masonry Sand, Play Sand, Garden Soil, Custom Mine Mixes, Bark, and more delivered to your site. Call for a price quote.